It can be hard to find information about queer topics, especially about what is locally available. That’s why we made this page with an overview of both.

At home in Delft

Are you a LGBT+ youth under 19 or are you still unsure but want to come into contact with other LGBT+ youth with fun activities? Check out Jong&Out Delft.

From 16 to 28 years old you are welcome at Outsite, our youth group with a weekly barnight on Thursday, filled with activities and parties. We host a kennismakingsgroep twice a year, where you spend 9 weeks getting to know a group of queer people your age and the queer community.

There is also an active queer nightlife scene. DWH has its own weekly open bar in Delft and there are regular parties. There are lots of trips, organised by and for our members, to Pann in Utrecht, Popcake festival or Pride in different cities.

Are you an employee of TU Delft? Check the page of TrueU; this is the queer network of TU employees, who works on improving acceptance and inclusion at the university.


Hi! Nice that you have found our website. The second Friday of December, the 10th to be precise, is Purple Friday. This is a day where we try to convince as many non-queer identifying people as possible to show their support by wearing something purple.

That support is very necessary; we need support so we are not fighting alone. But support does not always have to come in the form of purple clothing. Do you already know how to support queer people around you?

Listen to people from the LGBTQ+ community, and make an effort to understand the problems they face. Speak up when you hear other not-queer people making inappropriate jokes or remarks. Also avoid the use of obscene swear words. Using something like “gay” can already fall in this category.

Try incorporating neutral pronouns more often in your day-to-day use. Replace "he or she" by "they", and "him or her" by "them". This includes everyone, and is a great way to practice speaking about nonbinary people.

Being transgender

Finding information about being trans can be difficult. Luckily there are a few great information points such as transvisie and transgenderinfo!

It can be very helpful to share experiences and directly ask people questions. In DWH there is a group called Gender Blender, with lots of other not-cis people.

Sex-ed 101

Do you want to learn more about how to have sex as a queer person? The two sites below have lots of great tips to make it enjoyable and safe:

ExpresZo is a (Dutch) online queer magazine with some great articles on the basics of queer sex. Check out their other articles as well!

On you can find information about all sorts of topics, from how to have safe sex to how to get tested for STDs and pregnancy.


The Dutch Nederlandse Organisatie Asexualiteit (NOA) has a lot of information about the asexual spectrum, and links to activities and forums where you can meet others. Their international equivalent is AVEN.

Dealing with Discrimination?

Sometimes people give you a hard time because you are queer. In these cases it really helps to report it, and get the support you need.

Roze in Blauw Haaglanden is the queer police network of the region. When you need the police non-urgently, you can get in touch with someone through them who will understand you and your situation a bit better.

Stichting Inclusiviteit en Discriminatie Bestrijding (iDb) is the regional organisation mapping and fighting discrimination in Delft and a number of other municipalities. Even when something is not big enough to go to the police for, it helps to report it to them anyway so they know where there are issues remaining.