The confidential counsellors of DWH provide support and advice to members and visitors who have had to deal with inappropriate behaviour or unequal treatment at DWH. This encompasses bullying, discrimination, stalking, (sexual) intimidation, abuse of power and violence.

The confidential counsellor

  • Provides a safe space for people who have had to deal with inappropriate behaviour
  • Offers a sympathetic ear
  • Discusses with you what options are available
  • Will, if you want, look for informal solutions
  • Can also refer you to other aid agencies or healthcare professionals
  • Can also help you with a complaint, report or report
  • Accompanies you there, but only if you wish
  • Has a duty of confidentiality
  • Is a volunteer and is not available without limits
  • Can refuse a request, for example if they are personally involved

Don't be afraid to contact the confidential counsellor about something. The confidential counsellor will take every issue seriously, and they're there to help you.

Andreas Zafiropoulos

Confidential Counsellor

Bernard Schendstok

Confidential Counsellor

Dries Stuij

Confidential Counsellor