Who doesn’t remember puberty? A period with many changes… Hair begins to grow in places, you start being independent from your parents and you fall in love for the first time! But what if you fall in love with someone of the same gender?

Many LGBT youngsters can’t cope with this and don’t dare to come out because they fear they might be victims of bullying. In high schools, the word gay is unfortunately too often used as a term of abuse. When asked about what homosexuality means, the stereotypes, the most creative words for sex, and even pedophilia come up. This shows that young people don’t often have a grasp of what constitutes homosexuality, which sometimes can result in incomprehension and harassment.

Through education we can show the young people that homosexuality is not that strange. By breaking stereotypes and explaining the sexual diversity terms, we get the youth to think actively about homosexuality and its meaning for themselves. Experience shows that after being informed, young people have more respect for sexual diversity and more importantly, for each other!

DWH characterizes itself for having a predominantly young and enthusiastic team of educators. Through this small age difference with the high school students it is often easy for them to relate and identify to our educators. Do you want DWH to come to your school? Send us an email at voorlichting@dwhdelft.nl.

See you soon!
Jeroen en Justin
Education Coordinators

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