If you are looking to come by on a Friday night but you are not yet familiar with the society you can make use of the bar buddy system! A bar buddy is someone who can not only tell you all there is to know about DWH but they can also introduce you to new people.

28 years or younger? Check Outsite to visit us on a Thursday

Our Bar Buddies


Read more Hey hey, I'm Daan. Twenty years old and currently doing my bachelor Electrical Engineering here in Delft. I have been visiting DWH/Outsite for just over a year now, but in this one year I have had tons of fun on the bar nights and other activities organized by the association. It can be difficult to get the courage to finally visit a bar like ours, and I know this from experience. I hope that I can help you make this first step. As a barbuddy I would like to introduce you to all different kinds of people that visit our association on an evening. I can also tell you more about our activities, so that maybe one day we will see you again, this time without a barbuddy :)


Read more Hi, my name is Jeff. I'm in my late twenties, and I study Computer Science at TU Delft. I've been a member of Outsite for a few years now. I'm a regular at the EatingOUT on Tuesdays, but I'm happy to be your barbuddy on a Thursday. I remember how jittery I was walking into the bar for the first time, and that was for the introduction group. That turned out to be a great decision though, because DWH/Outsite is just a really nice place with lovely people and fun activities.


Read more Hello! I’m Mariana, I’m in my late twenties, from Portugal and I have been living in the Netherlands for 6 years. I studied here at TU Delft and then I stayed for work. I joined DWH early on and was on the board of Outsite for a year and I currently help with the women’s events. I’ve met many good friend through DWH and I’m always glad to meet new people and introduce them to DWH since it helped me so much when I came to the Netherlands.


Read more Hello, I’m Dennis! I’m still in the beginnings of my thirties and travel all over Europe on a daily basis. I’ve been an active volunteer for this association for a couple of years now. I have organized introduction groups an all kind of other activities. I also gave education classes at schools about sexual diversity. I would like to be your barbuddy because it’s a nice spot to hang out and I’ve met a lot of new and interesting people within this association.


Read more Hello I’m Govert, at the end of my twenties. I study architecture and I’m a teacher a high school. I’m a very active volunteer within DWH. In my opinion, DWH stands for a niceand really diverse group of people. A place to organize lots of things and also a place to learn a lot about yourself. I really like meeting new people and introducing them to this awesome association.


Read more Hey, I’m Andreas, in my early twenties and an Aerospace student. I am a very active member of DWH/Outsite and I love meeting new people and showing them our society. For me it is a place where you can be yourself and can participated in all sorts of fun activities.


Read more Hola! My name is Pedro and I am in my early twenties. I am currently studying Microelectronics at TU-Delft, but my real passion outside of university is cooking. Over the past year I have been very involved at DWH helping with events and volunteering as a bartender. I would be very happy to introduce you to the association and its amazing/fabulous members (and maybe I can share a couple of recipes or comment on the last RPDR episode while doing so). You won’t regret coming to DWH for a drink, a dance, or just a chat, and you will feel the love and support of our beautiful community.


Read more Heya! I'm Wessel, 24 years old and I study Aerospace engineering. When I joined Outsite by joining the KMG, the enthusiasm coming from the members and the open and loving atmosphere made me feel at home straight away! I also started helping with parties and other activities and by doing so I got to know the association well pretty quickly and saw the power in our diverse association, everybody chipping in with their talents which results in very awesome activities! For me Outsite feels as one big family where everybody has their own cozy place and I would love to help you find yours at Outsite!


Read more Hey, I am Hidde. I am 23 years old and studying for a master’s degree in Applied Mathematics, the probability track. I first came to Outsite around 3 years ago, but it wasn’t until last year that I became a lot more active; I am often a volunteer during events, joined various committees and am now also a barbuddy. This is a huge difference with the first few years that I visited Outsite. I often sat alone and didn’t talk much with other people, since I didn’t really feel like I knew them. This is where a barbuddy comes in! As your barbuddy, I can introduce you to all kinds of people from Outsite, including myself of course, and make sure you get to know them and they get to know you. Then the next time you decide to visit, you won’t feel like you’re standing in between a group of strangers, but hopefully will see some nice, familiar faces.


Read more Heyyy I am Matthew, a Palestinian boy in his mid-twenties doing his masters in Microelectronics. When TU is not consuming my soul I enjoy reading (fiction and non-finction), exercising (regular gym goer, picking up running and bouldering), gaming (board and video games, obsessed with escape rooms), and TV Shows (random Netflix and Rupauls). I am happy you decided to come to Outsite, see you there!

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