Did you know…

This is a collection of all the “Did you know…” items from the newsletter. Do you also want to share a nice and concise piece of information about our society with all the members? Contact the secretary!

  • Did you know that your secretary keeps track of all the activities at DWH and puts them in the agenda on the website? Want to know if the DWH is available on a certain date or is the agenda missing your activity? Send an email.
  • Did you know that Outsite also participates in the NoWee (after introdiction week for students in Delft)?
  • Did you know that the 25+ KMG has made it to the front page of the Stadskrant Delft? Press releases work! Check with your External Chairman if you think your activity should also have a press release.
  • Did you know that you can subscribe to the DWH members newsletter?
  • Did you know that DWH has house rules? They can be seen at the entrance and at our bulletin board.
  • Did you know that we have an online enrollment form, so that you can become a member of DWH/Outsite day and night.
  • Did you know that every year we have more than 80 volunteers working for our association? Meet them all at the volunteers barbecue in September!
  • Did you know that the DWH board meets every monday of the month?
  • Did you know that you can buy your own rainbow flag at the bar for only €10?
  • Did you know that Meet the Parents was also mentioned in the Delft’s city radio? (part 1, part 2)
  • Did you know that our runner (person that stocks the bar) chooses all the delicious beers? If you have a suggestion, send an email!
  • Did you know that on May 4th, the remembrance of the dead day, DWH  lays out a floral arrangement?
  • Did you know that all members of DWH can eat dinner on Tuesdays at the Eating Out for just €4 a meal? You just need to remember to register via the website.
  • Did you know that the LG22 foundation manages our property and that they are all volunteers?
  • Did you know that you can like and follow the Outsite Owee via Facebook and Twitter?
  • Did you know we have a nice lager on tap called Queer Beer? This lager is not only very colorful in taste but also a but cheaper that our other lager: Hertog-Jan.