Stay up to date

Outsite organises all kinds of activities: from parties and theme nights on Thursdays to workshops, movie going and weekend trips. Do you want to keep up to date on what Outsite is up to? Below are all the ways you can do so! Keep in mind that some activities, like the Tuesday dinners, are for members of DWH/Outsite only.


Stay up to date on all cool upcoming events and everything that’s going on within Outsite. We’ll share announcements about nice parties, trips to prides and big events such as Coming Out Day and the OWee.

Join the announcements group

Even when it’s not Tuesday or Thursday night Outsite is a lively association, we just continue in WhatsApp! If you want to keep up with everything Outsite does, want to chat about the latest Drag Race episode, Eurovision or the latest gay romcom, or if you’re looking for people to party with, this is the place to go! Message one of the admins in the announcements group to get added to the chat group!



On the public Outsite page we have all our events for the Thursdays and some other days that are open to everyone – so also to non-members.


We also keep you up to date via our Instagram account. We also share cool photos of our events here!



We regularly organise things you need to sign up for beforehand, or there might be something so special we want to specifically invite you. For this we have our email list, you will also automatically join it if you become a member. Beside invitations we also send along the activities for the Tuesday members night (EatingOUT) as well as highlights of upcoming events! Subscribe with the link below.