Outsite Board

The 17th board of Outsite is named meOUT, and consists of the following lovely people:

Casper Boone | President

Daan Verrer | Secretary

Joël Abrahams | Treasurer

Cécile Taquet Gaspérini | Internal Affairs

Algemeen contact met het Outsite bestuur is mogelijk via bestuur@outsite.nl.

Confidential Counsellor

Outsite has a confidential counsellor with who you can get in contact about society related and personal issues, in case you feel like talking about them.

The contact with the trusted person is strictly confidential. The trusted person does operate separately from the Outsite and the DWH boards. Only if the situation requires it, and then only with explicit permission from you, issues will be communicated to them.

Don’t be afraid to contact the confidential counsellor about something. The confidential counsellor will take every issue serious, and is there to help you.

Andreas Zafiropoulos | Confidential Counsellor Outsite