Reporting helps!

If you are experiencing discrimination or if you see signs of it, you can contact the foundation for “inclusie en discriminatie bestrijding”: the IDB. The foundation fights against discrimination and for a society without exclusion and with equal opportunities for all. This must be independent of race (ethnicity or skin color), religion, sex, belief, age, sexual orientation, disability or chronic illness, political opinion, nationality, marital status and so on.

There are various ways to report discrimination or exclusion (see “Contact and links” below). It is always possible to do this anonymously.

After a report through email a consultant of the Bureau will call you if they need further clarification on your story. Based on the situation they will assess how to further deal with the complaint and resolve it.

The resolution can consist, for example, of:

  • Mediation: An adversarial process is started. Your story will be submitted to the accused for them to respond. Following that, there will be an attempt to repair the relationship between the two parties.
  • Procedures: Thinking of filling a police complaint, going with you to the police office to file a complaint, guidance to the Equal Treatment Commission (Commissie Gelijke Behandeling)
  • Advice: They’ll let you know your options/what is possible and advise you on how to proceed.

It may be of course that you only want to tell your story. In that case they also offer a listening ear and moral support and will only record your story

Always report; even if only anonymously!

It is always to report, even if done anonymously or if you do not wish or require support. Each report is a signal to the government and other institutions for the promotion of equality and combating of discrimination. In short: reporting helps! Always!

Contact and links

Unfortunately, as of this writing the IDB website is in Dutch only. We assume that Emails telephone calls can be done in English but that the online forms could be difficult to complete.