Would you like to come to one of our bar evenings but do you think it will be too exciting or frightening? No problem! We had the same thing when we first walked into the bar of Outsiteand DWH. Therefore we created the barduddy system: members of our association that are there for you and willing to join you on your first visit to the bar or to meet up somewhere else to get acquainted before going to the bar. See below for the volunteers that are available to be your barbuddy. If you’re interested please fill out the form below. We hope to see you soon!


Hello, I’m Dennis! I’m still in the beginnings of my thirties and travel all over Europe on a daily basis. I’ve been an active volunteer for this association for a couple of years now. I have organized introduction groups an all kind of other activities. I also gave education classes at schools about sexual diversity. I would like to be your barbuddy because it’s a nice spot to hang out and I’ve met a lot of new and interesting people within this association.


Hello I’m Govert, at the end of my twenties. I study architecture and I’m a teacher a high school. I’m a very active volunteer within the DWH. In my opinion, the DWH stands for a niceand really diverse group of people. A place to organize lots of things and also a place to learn a lot about yourself. I really like meeting new people and introducing them to this awesome association.


Hey! I’m Mike, begin twenty and I’m currently studying aerospace engineering. I’m a few years active at DWH/Outsite and I like to stay active for the association. It gave me a lot of fun and new friends. I think everybody deserves that chance and I would like to help you to make the first step to get to know our wonderful association.


Hey there! My name is Yorko and I’m still in my early twenties. While I’m writing this piece, I’m still doing my masters in Employment and Labor Law at the Erasmus University in Rotterdam. It’s not necessary to study (or live) in Delft to come and join Outstite or DWH. Together with Mike, I organize introduction groups for people that are 28-minus. The first time I walked into the DWH, I was really nervous! But it was worth the nerves because I met a lot of new and fun people. So I really recommend walking in and grab a beer. With a barbuddy,your first time walking in doesn’t have to be so nerve wrecking as when I first walked in.


Hi, my name is Johan. I am in my 40s, bisexual, married and father. I joined DWH a few years ago and I go there about once per month. I love meeting new people. Visiting the DWH on a Friday night is a great way to accomplish this.


Hello! I’m Mariana, I’m in my late twenties, from Portugal and I have been living in the Netherlands for 6 years. I studied here at TU Delft and then I stayed for work. I joined DWH early on and was on the board of Outsite for a year and I currently help with the women’s events. I’ve met many good friend through DWH and I’m always glad to meet new people and introduce them to DWH since it helped me so much when I came to the Netherlands.


Hey, my name is Carola. I am from Germany and in Delft for 2 years to study design for interaction. I am in my late twenties and love to cook and eat dishes from all over the world. I love how dwh & outsite give LGBTQI+ from all countries the chance to meet other like-minded people. I have learned so much through this that I would like to share my experiences. If the 10% theory is true then there should be at least 2000 of us at TU Delft ;)

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