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By becoming a member you support us in the things that we find so important, like the introduction groups, education at secondary schools, the movie night, the bar nights and all other activities at DWH and Outsite.

As a member you receive the magazine from DWH: the Andersblad, and you can join the Eating Out where you can enjoy a cheap and delicious meal.

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Rate Group
Normal (€ 47,50)Reduced (€ 23,50)

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Contribution Rate
The contribution rate for the DWH/Outsite is a minimum of € 47,50 / € 23,50 per year.

A higher amount is of course very welcome.

In the general membership meeting, it was decided that the DWH price differentiation used for the membership fee is based on the ability to pay. In order not to make it too complicated, we use the following rule of thumb:
For people aged under 25 or from pension age (60+ / 65+), the reduced fee of at least € 23,50 is applied.
All other members pay the standard fee of € 47,50.

There are exceptions:

  • People who would get the reduced rate but earn enough to pay for the standard rate, should pay the standard rate.
  • People who would not get the reduced rate but can’t financially cope with paying the standard rate can contact the treasurer.
  • When there is a change in the situation that would effect any of the above exceptions, it should be reported to the treasurer.