Coming Out Day 2019: Friday 11th October!

πŸ‡¬πŸ‡§πŸ³οΈβ€πŸŒˆ PROGRAMME

β˜… 12:15 – 18:00 PRIDE ON CAMPUS β›±
(@Free Zone B: between Aula and Library, Campus TU Delft)
Join our Coming Out Day display at Free Zone B and enjoy free warm drinks and pink cakes! This will be the most colourful spot in Delft. Besides, this is a perfect opportunity to learn about the true meaning of Coming Out Day.

β˜… 19:15 – 22:00 PUB CRAWL 🍻
(@Delft city centre, starts and ends at DWH/Outsite)
Come to our Coming Out Day Pub Crawl and get to taste all kinds of LGBT+ beers in all kinds of nice bars throughout the centre of Delft! Registration required:

The ultimate inclusive dancing party with LIVE MUSIC by Groover and the one and only Outsite Band.

The activities are FREE (except the pub crawl) and can be attended by EVERYONE, come and celebrate with us!

What is Coming Out Day?

Coming Out Day is a day on which we give extra attention to the β€˜coming out’ of people who do not identify as straight or cisgender (but gay, lesbian, bi or transgender for example). Next to that, for us this day serves to show that the city of Delft, the TU Delft and DWH/Outsite are safe and accepting towards LGBT+ people, and that we encourage coming out. 🌈

DWH/Outsite: Lange Geer 22, Delft
Free Zone B TU Delft Campus: Prometheusplein 1, Delft