Wie zijn het Outsite bestuur! Deel 2! 💖


Every few days one board member of Outsite will introduce themselves and tell you something about what they do in and out of the board.

The first of these was Andreas, next up is Robert!

Hello there, I’m Robert, the secretary and bar coordinator of Outsite

I joined Outsite after happening upon a KMG poster on campus in September 2015, the day that KMG was starting. After a few messages back and forth I could still join and ever since that evening I’ve been a regular here.

Because I really liked Outsite and its activities I joined InsideOUT and helped organise some myself like a Sinterklaas game, a floor-is-lava party and a karaoke. Somewhere in between organising those I also happened to find the best ever boyfriend and he’s mine forever now, so I guess that sucks for all the rest of you.

Last year I joined the OWee committee, organised a few more parties, got to know every corner of Outsite and decided I wanted to help run this awesome association to be the best it could be for all the new members.

My main task now is to keep things running smoothly. I write many of the things you read like the email invitations to events, write down what everyone is supposed to do at every meeting, and each month I schedule my amazing team of bartenders so you have someone to pour your drink on Thursday.

What I really love about being on the Outsite board though is being able to improve and grow all the things I already love about Outsite. When I just joined we had an awesome movie marathon on Tuesdays at the EatingOUT, and I wanted to make the Tuesdays even more awesome this year. I’m really surprised and happy with how many people wanted to cook and organise activities.

When I’m not doing things for Outsite I’m working on finishing my master in computer science, having romantic dinners with my boyfriend or just hanging out with friends watching series or playing D&D.