Meet the board of Outsite!


(yes we know it has been 7 months. Shhhhh )

Every few days one board member of Outsite will introduce themselves and tell you something about what they do in and out of the board. The first one is Andreas aka the Queen of Shade:

Hiiiiiiiiiiii! My name is Andreas and I am the president of Outsite. I joined Outsite last year through our introduction group, the KMG, after my then-boyfriend convinced me to try it and I have grown to love the society ever since.
At the end of that year I decided I wanted to join the new board, since I really enjoyed spending time organizing activities and I wanted to make our society even better! I have to say it has been a bigger and better experience than I could have ever imagined.
One of my favourite things was helping to organize the Introduction Programme for international students at Outsite. Our enthusiastic team set up a few picnics, a party and so much more. Working together with good friends to welcome new students and people, and to show them they are welcome and safe to be who they really are at Outsite is what gets me going (is what fuels me? ehhh).
Things I do as a clOUT board member are planning board meetings and board activities, coordinating Coming Out Day activities and the Introduction Programme, and helping the InsideOUT committee organize small events.
Outside of Outsite (I couldn’t resist, sorry) I study Aerospace Engineering, I waste my life playing video games and I am a member of the PR team of DARE.
If you would like to know more about being a board member of Outsite, visit the board interest drink 2.0 on Thursday the 26th or just send me a message :3