Sexy Halloween!

Trick or Treat! It’s almost Halloween and at DWH that means party time!

On November 3rd from 10PM the activity committee will organize a Halloween party. However, we thought it would be a bit boring to just have a normal costume party. Hence we’ll go for something a tad more daring: Halloween! Dit kan sexier (I highly doubt this will require any translation ^^).

At this party, it will not only be about wearing a scary costume; it’s not about wearing just a sexy costume either. No, it’s about wearing a costume that combines both scary and sexy stunningly! Are you both scary and sexy? Come to our party! Are you just sexy? We’ll have something for you too! Are you just scary? Alright, you can show your costume as well!

At midnight we will hand out three prizes for the best costumes:
– Two small prizes: (1) for the person wearing the sexiest costume; (2) for the person wearing the scariest costume.
– One bigger prize for the person who is the sexiest, yet the scariest all at the same time!

Looking for an exciting night? Well, here you have it: a night, which is both scary and sexy! How much more exciting could it get?