Optreden Rectum Raiders


The Rectum Raiders are for people who like sex, fun, chocolate, Heavy Metal and hot, glamourous and soaking wet boys in spandex tights; prepare for some uncompromising transcendental COCK-ROCK!

4 Guys,1 Band. Add some schultenbräu, slager music, whipped cream, oiled up chests, a giant cucumber and some GLAM F*CKING METAL, and the world will know its downfall!

The Rectum Raiders are the primordial heavy metal sex machineguns! This ”½ Aquaman, ½ German Cyborg, ½ Yoghurt” inbreed of epic rock ‘n’ roll prowess never fails to amaze anyone!

They’re beasts on stage, and will make you jump and sweat on some of their awesome feministic-glam-punk compositions. Prepare for a super mega heavy head-on collison with all the Modern values you hold dear!!

NOTE! Rectum Raiders shows are said to impregnate every male in a 12ft radius…