OWee Committee

The OWee committee organizes the introduction week for new students in Delft each year. This is the largest committee and therefore consumes a lot of time of the committee members, especially in the period around the welcome week itself. The committee comes up with a new theme every year, thinks of and organizes activities during the entire week, makes sure there are permits for all activities, organizes a theme party every night, stays in contact with the general OWee board, is responsible for the promotion and reputation of Outsite towards the new students, makes sure there are enough volunteers and coordinates them, makes a schedule for the eating table every day, etc. The OWee is the most important time of the year for the society, in the sense that a successful OWee makes or breaks the new membership recruitment. This is on one hand a big responsibility but on the other hand it has a lot of freedom to be creative and create an awesome week for the society. With all those activities, the OWee committee is sort of a combination of all the others and therefore it requires a lot of preparation and planning.