The OUTcamp committee organizes every year in September the introduction camp for all the new and current Outsite members. Everyone who became a member during the OWee in that year, participated in and became member through the KMGs, or became a member anywhere during the year has the ability to participate in this camp. Current members are often invited as well. As part of the OUTcamp committee you organize this camp. This means finding a suitable location, coming up with a cool theme and setting up a program of activities for the weekend. This program has the goal to integrate the groups that are formed throughout the year and letting them get to know the society. The committee also makes sure there is food and drinks for everyone and she has to do her own acquisition. For the acquisition, you can think of getting sponsorship from external parties and asking for a registration fee from the participants. OUTcamp is a nice camp (no ‘ontgroening’, we only do stuff that everybody likes) with the primary goal to meet new people!